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Welcome to Little Skipper Press!  

We are excited to announce the release of 
Oscar Goes To Big School!  Now you can join Oscar as he takes the big step into Kindergarten!

And don't forget our flagship book,
Oscar's First DayA one-of-a-kind children's book about a child's transition into preschool.

Why Little Skipper Press?

1.  Head Start and preschool specific.  Our books feature high quality illustrations and targeted age-appropriate text, derived directly from Head Start and other early childhood education experience.  Oscar's First Day is being called "a classroom favorite" by educators and "my child's favorite book" by parents.

2.  Printed here at home in the United States, qualifying them for ARRA funds.  Take a look at the inside cover of a couple of the big publishers' children's books.  It's a rare case to see one that's NOT printed in China.  Here's an opportunity to help keep American dollars at home.
3.  High-end book quality with industry-leading volume pricing.  By selling direct to the end user and keeping overhead low, we can offer industry-leading volume pricing without sacrificing quality.  Our softcover books are printed on commercial offset presses, with high quality thread seal bindings.  Read one of our books and see the difference for yourself.

4.  At the forefront of child safety and forest stewardship.  Our book manufacturers are dedicated to staying current with child safety regulations and "green" manufacturing practices. 
Refer to
CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) and FSC (Forest Stewartship Council) websites for more information.

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